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It is most important that you Join the Rebellion and participate. First educate yourself, but please know that this is not easy journey.  For most, the reality that you are comfortable in, will disappear. The truth of what is being done to us on a truly massive scale is horrifying and you will grieve for the loss of your comfortable world you have seen. The Matrix films gave us the concept of the Red to wake up and Blue pill to go back to your comfortable world.  At each level we will give you Red Pills to reveal the truth and take you deeper. After each Red Pill you will go through the five stages of grief. They are chronologically: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. At the end of the journey you will know what to do to help us build a new world based in Respect and Abundance.

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In our world, Email is integrated into our everyday communication, but now we find it is not longer reliable.  We find that it is being controlled to the extent that emails may not be delivered to you or your spam. 


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