The Plan to Save the World

The Plan has been created by the White Hats in the US Military and other Patriots to defeat the Cabal, which we have come to call them the Deep State. The Cabal  includes International Bankers run by powerful family dynasties, and their plan to create a New World Order.    Some say "The Plan" started after the President Kennedy assignation, and others say it goes back to President Dwight D. Eisenhower sounding the warning about the Military Industrial Complex.  Whenever it started, the time to implement this plan kept being delayed. The New World Order has continued to expand to the point that the last few opticals including the United States, where set to be removed. The Plan was ready to proceed with a forced removal of President Obama.   If the Patriots could not have a hero take the office of President and occupy the Whitehouse then coup d'etat would proceed.  This would result in riots, confusion, and many would die.  Donald Trump answered the call, with assurances from the Military for his safety for him and his family; The Plan could now be implemented.


The Great Awakening

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." ... 

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by forces of Imperial Japan.

The biggest goal in the war against the Deep State Cabal is to awaken the people.  Without the people knowing that there is even a battle, they will sleepwalk off the end of the world. The people of the world are not aware of the depth of the problems in the world, and must be awakened to be able to defeat the Deep State. Since the Main Stream Media is 100% controlled by the DS, including Fox and Info Wars as controlled opposition, and alternative was created called Qanon!


Goal: The Great Awakening!

Fronts:  Qanon / Red Pill / Army of Digital Soldiers



Qanon is the only source of information from Head Quarters in the this Deep State War.  It is designed to create an Army of Digital Soldiers to wage an information war.  This Army will be trained through puzzles, to dig deep to discover all the news, and to "Be the News" of the future.  The training is held on a private messaging board called "8Chan" [], and is the only place the the information is posted  "Q-drops" or "Crumbs".   The Q-drops are signed Q or Q+, where Q is a group of senior military intelligence officials and Q+ is President Trump. Q directs the Q-Army to the major fronts in the war.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 9.18.26 PM.png

Red Pill

We are living in a debt based system that meets every definition of fraud.  This system is designed to extract all wealth and send it to the top of the pyramid. Although many know this at some level, it is another thing to know to what extent the debt system enslaves everyone through their consent; and to what extent the system has developed to control the everyone to keep the system in control and the people asleep.  The Red Pills are prescribed to people to awaken them to the real situation that we are all in. It sometime requires more then one dose, higher dosage levels, or even a full treatment regiment, to fully wake up some.


Army of Digital Soldiers

General Michael Flynn said they had an Army of digital soldiers that they like to call Citizen Journalists.  We help train our Digital Soldiers through lessons learned in the Q-Training camp. 
Q says "We are the News", and it is our mission to create an Alternative News force to combat the Fake News - Main Stream Meda.  Q-Training shows us how to identify the Fake Fony and False stories, by digging into the details to find Projection, and False Flags. 


Dark to Light

Complete Destruction of the Enemy

You are witnessing the systematic dismantling of the Deep State.  The old guard is a parasite that is feeding off of all of humanity and is much older then you think and much bigger then you can imagine. Removing it will take time, patience, and planning. The good news is the plan is well under way and it started with the election of President Trump.


Goal: Complete Destruction of the Enemy

Fronts:  Drain the Swamp / Destroy the Deep State Religion / Destroy Globalism


Drain the Swamp

We are performing an Exorcism on the Deep State. When we look through the corruption at all levels of the local, state and national governments we find a system that keeps everyone blind to the system of control.  The system is designed to distract everyone and hind the nature of who is the real enemy... the Deep State [DS].  The Plan is going through the systematic, methodical, to the letter of the law, removal of the cabal members.  Since the day Trump took office, a masive restructuring started of the Civilian and Military courts and;  Stealth investigation have convened Grand Jurys that have created almost 100,000 sealed indictments.


Destroy Deep State Religion 
Satanism, Socialism & Communism

Trump is taking on Deep State Religion on many fronts: China, Cuba, Venezuela, and even on college campuses. The world has been sliding step by step towards hell on earth. The surfs will be given and a One World Order that has replaced God with a Government; while the Elite Cabal will hold power in this New World Order the same way they do now, through Luciferian Worship.


Destroy Globalism through Strong Nation States and Sovereign People.

The way counter to the centralized global New World Order is for every man and woman to stand up and be responsible and take action. In other words, honor our own sovereignty. We hold the power and lend our power to those we select to handle the tasks of our local towns and to the countries. This will decentralize the power and make it harder for the those that want to enslave the masses.


Restructure the Financial System

Scarcity to Abundance

Any road you take to find the banking system is there to take everything from everyone. Through Secret Societies, Blood Line Families,  Central Banks, Incorporate Countries, Inter-connected conglomerates, Blackmailed politicians, satanic ritual, symbols, mind control, control structures far above what we know as governments, and much much more, the wealth of the world has been sent up the pyramid to an invisible trust. To create an Abundance based financial system we can not just turn off the existing parasitic debt based system without killing the host... "us".  We have to build our new system along side the existing dyeing system with a bridge to the save people as they flee.


Goal: Scarcity to Abundance

Fronts: Dank Money / Federal Reserve / Replace Debt Slavery System


Destroy 3 Sided Pyramid of Dark Money Control  /_\

The Q has pinpointed out the triad of power that supports Deep State through money; the source of which is from a darkest of enterprises. The dark industries are illegal and since the Deep State are the ones that enforce laws, they are immune. They use the Dark Money to Globalize and build the Administrative Deep State.  The Saudi side of this structure has already been removed.


Nationalize The Private Bank of the Federal Reserve

Our Constitution explicitly states that our currency is to be backed fully by gold/silver and that our banking system is to be under the control of the Treasury of the united states of America and the Congress. The Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned bank that lends with interest to the not just the USA inc, but also to all other central banks of the world.  This is a ponzi scheme. The loans must get bigger each year because there is no money in the system to pay the interest. 
This sytem is designed to fail and we are close to the end. The Deep State Plan was to have a major event distract the people from pointing to the Federal Reserve. Now that Trump is destroying the Deep State, he has been setting the stage in the eyes of the people, to take over the Federal Reserve as a public institution, and restructure it to an asset backed system.  


Replace the Debt Slavery System with an Abundance Sovereign System

The current system of debt recognizes that every living being has infinite value, and it harnesses that value in an elaborate system of debt. It starts with an trust created at the time of your birth with a birth certificate.  Once a state has registered a birth document with U.S. Department of Commerce, the Department notifies the Treasury Department, which takes out a loan from the Federal Reserve. The Treasury uses the loan to purchase a bond (the Fed holds a “purchase money security interest” in the bond) from the Department of Commerce, which invests the sale proceeds in the stock or bond market. This system will never allow for the individual to own anything; not land or a car, and ultimately not even the clothes they ware.   
We must create a new system that also recognizes that each living being has infinite value, and is sovereign and uses their own life for their own benefit.