Welcome to the Rebellion!

Together We Are Strong!

We are at War!  In many ways and on many levels; that are both visible and those that are not, we are at war!  
There are universal rules of war that are honored.  Free will is honored.  Informed consent keeps us at war!  This is the time of the Great Awakening, where we decide to be responsible for ourselves and stop consenting to be at war. 
With Love in our heart for our fellow man, we now consent to be awake to our responsibility to build ourselves an abundance based world. We will focus on what ways we agree and ignore the ways we are different. Together we are strong. 
Join the Rebellion and support the efforts by participating in forums and providing intelligence for our effort.

The Plan to Save the World

The Plan has been created by the White Hats in the US Military and other Patriots to defeat the Cabal, which we have come to call them the Deep State. The Cabal  includes International Bankers run by powerful Family Dynasties, and their plan to create a New World Order.    Some say "The Plan to Save the World" started after the President Kennedy assignation, and others say it goes back to President Dwight D. Eisenhower sounding the warning about the Military Industrial Complex.  Whenever it started, the time to implement this plan kept being delayed. The New World Order has continued to expand to the point that the last few obstacles, including the United States, where set to be removed. The Plan was ready to proceed with a forced removal of President Obama.   If the Patriots could not have a hero take the office of President and occupy the Whitehouse then coup d'etat would proceed.  This would result in riots, confusion, and many would die.  Donald Trump answered the call, with assurances from the Military for his safety for him and his family; The Plan could now be implemented.

The Plan

Trust the Plan

To wage the Deep State World War and win we need to all come together and for you to join us in our Digital Army.  The goal is to bring Dark to Light and the moto is Where We Go One We Go All (WWG1WGA).  The Plan uses the most advanced Military Artificial Intelligence (MAI) and Predictive Algorithms to wage this ware against the Deep State [DS].  The Cabal has taken hundreds of years, working from the shadows to set up the Deep State architecture and position the world to fall in to a world wide totalitarian slave state.  Here we will provide Education, Communication, and an headquarter to help us come together.   We will go through "The Plan" as it has many Goals, Phases, and Tatics, in order defeat the Deep State.


Goals of the Plan!

There are several fronts in this war against the Deep State Cabal.  Each of these goals is very extensive part of the plan, with several phases.  Join the Rebellion and as a member you will be able to connect in our Social Network with other members.


The Great Awakening

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." ... 

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by forces of Imperial Japan.

The biggest goal in the war against the Deep State Cabal is to awaken the people.  Without the people knowing that there is even a battle, they will sleepwalk off the end of the world. The people of the world are not aware of the depth of the problems in the world, and must be awakened to be able to defeat the Deep State. Since the Main Stream Media is 100% controlled by the DS, including Fox and Info Wars as controlled opposition, and alternative was created called Qanon!


Dark to Light

Complete Destruction of the Enemy

You are witnessing the systematic dismantling of the Deep State.  The old guard is a parasite that is feeding off of all of humanity and is much older then you think and much bigger then you can imagine. Removing it will take time, patience, and planning. The good news is the plan is well under way and it started with the election of President Trump.


Scarcity to Abundance

Restructure the Financial System

Any road you take to find the banking system is there to take everything from everyone. Through Secret Societies, Blood Line Families,  Central Banks, Incorporate Countries, Inter-connected conglomerates, Blackmailed politicians, satanic ritual, symbols, mind control, control structures far above what we know as governments, and much much more, the wealth of the world has been sent up the pyramid to an invisible trust. To create an Abundance based financial system we can not just turn off the existing parasitic debt based system without killing the host... "us".  We have to build our new system along side the existing dyeing system with a bridge to the save people as they flee.

Join the
Q Army

"Where We Go One We Go All"
We need you!
You are Important!
Your action is devastating to the Deep State Cabal!

It is most important that you Join the Rebellion and participate. First educate yourself, but please know that this is not easy journey.  For most, the reality that you are comfortable in, will disappear. The truth of what is being done to us on a truly massive scale is horrifying and you will grieve for the loss of your comfortable world you have seen. The Matrix films gave us the concept of the Red to wake up and Blue pill to go back to your comfortable world.  At each level we will give you Red Pills to reveal the truth and take you deeper. After each Red Pill you will go through the five stages of grief. They are chronologically: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. At the end of the journey you will know what to do to help us build a new world based in Respect and Abundance.


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